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Forum Guidelines and Rules
  • This is a friendly site and we want it kept that way, we will not stand for any form of abuse of or "picking on" members by other members, be it on the forum or via PM's. Any members breaching this rule will be warned, and should it continue their account will be banned permantly. If you want to argue with someone take it onto MSN, AOL etc...

  • This site has a Links section for other clubs to post in, please do not come on with the sole purpose of just plugging your club/site. Unlimited Styling would like to work with other clubs across the UK with cross promotion to help everyone out, but we would also like to build friendships with other clubs and their members. So please contact a member of staff before just posting your link up.

  • The For Sale section is for private sales only, please could all members at least have done a newbie post before posting their items for sale. If you are a company and are interested in a Company section please contact a member of staff, we are always looking for new companies to work with.

  • Please do not start topics that are bound to lead to arguements, such as "my car is faster than yours", "my ICE is louder than yours" etc etc. Again keep those sort of discussions to MSN, AOL etc. Any such topics will be locked and deleted by a member of staff.

  • Any topics you start and think the pictures may not be suitable for those people who are accessing the site from work, please mark your topics clearly with **NWS** (Not Work Safe) in the title. This will stop anyone getting into trouble at work. Please do not post any Porn what so ever, user found to be posting Porn will be issued a warning.
  • The use of "txt" typing is banned from this board, you are not on a phone so please use complete words. This will make the site easier to read for all. Any posts using "txt" typing will be edited by a Forum Mod or Admin Member.
  • No "Spamming" on this forum, please do not post on any thread or topic unless you are contributing to it. Posting for the sake of posting is not allowed and any spam posts will be deleted. Warning may be issued and post counts may also be reduced of any members found repeatly "Spamming".
  • This is a modified car site not a dating site, if you are coming on her simply to "chat" people up your account will be banned. Overuse or misuse of the PM system will also lead to your PM system being blocked and possibly having a warning issued.
  • Could all users please keep signature size down, limit is 1 image and 1 line of text. This will keep the board running at a decent speed, make posts easier to read and also stop the use of over advertising in sigs. Image size for sigs is no bigger than 500 x 100 (pixels). Any over sized sigs will be edited by the US staff.
Thats it really, just enjoy the site and thanks for reading.good.gif

[*] If any members are not happy with anything on this board, be it the treatment from another member or even a member of staff please contact US Admin via PM or Email - Admin@unlimited-styling.co.uk

US Staff
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