Name: Charlotte Preen

Forum Name: Princess Char Char

DOB: 01/06/91

Home Location: Croydon

Car Driven: VW Lupo

What made you want to become an Unlimited Styling Lady:

Many things made me want to become a US Lady, one of them being at shows with a great bunch of people who are willing to make you feel like you are one of the team, even if you have only met them once.  Another is how popular the club is, it grows and grows month after month and I love to be known as one of the girls in a club like US. Finally is the amount of attention the girls get when at shows because there is so many of us.


Erm, a lot of everything.


People who misjudge others.

If you were a car, what make and model would you be ?:

A Lambo, don't who why, just like the car.

What is the worst chat up line you have ever heard:

I've never really had any :(

Personal Statement:

Just an every day girl who is up for a laugh and going out, Love every modified car as long as its not an epic fail lol, Want to know more just say hello :)

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