1993 Mazda RX7

Owner & Forum Name - Phil Aka rx7Phil

Engine - 2.6 Rotary Twin Turbo

Power - 398 BHP @ Fly - 12.8 1/4 Mile

Favourite Modification - Engine Work

Brief Car History - Phil has owned the car for 2 years and it was just a empty shell when he bought it from Dragon Performance, then he fitted his engine developed by RX Motors who sponsor Phil's car. Since then Phil has transformed the car into a Full Drift Spec RX7. Lots of engine work has given the RX more power, including a bridge ported engine, massive front mount intercooler and Apexi ECU, while the interior has been stripped for less weight. For safety a roll cage has been fitted, bucket seats and harnesses. Styling has been practical and all to aid the cars down force, with full body kit, vented bonnet and Carbon Fibre rear wing. Phil is now completing in the BDC representing US.

Thanks - Rx motors for all the help and great sponsorship, reworks for the awsome mapping and the guys and girls at Unlimited-Styling for their support. JDM Graphics for the graphics and decals.

Modifications -

Wheels & Tyres - 

Volk Racing Wheels in white (Now glow in the dark)
235 Front, 255 Rear, Low Profile Sports Tyres.

Suspension & Chassis -

Fully seem welded chassis, with filled sills and chassis for added strength, Extensive Roll Cage, Olhins Coilover Kit, Front Strut Brace, Uprated Polly Bushes all round, Uprated Engine Mounts, Diff Strengthening Bars, Rear Wishbone Support Bars, Hydraulic Handbrake

Brakes - Standard RX7 Brakes with EBC Green Stuff Pads.

Exterior -

Full Veilside Body Kit Including Wing Mirrors and Rear Spats, Scoot Fibre Glass Vented Bonnet, RE-Amemiya Carbon Fibre Rear Wing, Full Respray in Porsche GT3 RS Riviera Blue. Graphics done by JDM Graphics.

Interior -

Race Prepared, Full Stripped, Twin Cobra Imola Bucket Seats, TRS 3 Inch 4 Point Harnesses, Battery Relocated to Boot,
Custom Dash with Ignition and Start Switch, Apexi Power Commander and other Toggle Switches, Momo Steering Wheel.

Engine -

New bridge port Engine, New Twin Turbo's Runing at 14 psi, apexi power fc ECU, Water Injection, GTR fuel pump,, Full Blitz Exhaust System, front mount intercooler, race radiator, custom fans, over pulley kit for water pump.

ICE - None.

Future Plans - Mainly engine work, Standard Turbo's to be replaced with either Hybrids or single turbo conversion. Body work to be tidied up from Drift incidents. Continue in the BDC and win more events.

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