Welcome to the Unlimited-Styling Show Car section where you can view pictures and specification details of some of our top show cars. We have a wide range of cars from Jap to Euro, ICE to Power and everything in between. More pictures and details on these cars as well as many more can be found on the main forum.  Some of these cars can be seen on the US Stand at all the major shows throughout the year.  This page will be updated on a regular basis.

James's Supra 

Zoe's 106

Carl's Corsa

Matt's Celica

Lou's 106 GTI

Phil's RX7

Doug's Punto

Jon's Skyline

Stuart's Scooby

Martin's Mondeo ST24

Dean's MX5 Turbo

Matt's Polo

Toby's Ibiza

Coming Soon

Steph's Yaris

Coming Soon

Phils's Passat

Coming Soon

Char's Polo

Coming Soon

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