Modded SE 2009

The Hop Farm, Kent

This was the first show of the year in early March, and after not happening in 2008, the Modded Shows have returned with 4 shows planned for 2009, this being the first. Being early in the year the weather was not exactly the best, which did not help the show.

The show was well attended by the clubs, but after the weather turned nasty, most people seemed to leave and by around half 2 the show was nearly empty. Not much to see at the show at all, hardly any new show cars, only a couple of trade stands, and all the entertainment was kept in one big tent, which is where the crowds stayed all day.

Show ground itself was basically a field more suited to the usual military shows held there, not great for lowered modified cars. Only one food van on the site and they ran out of food way before lunch time, lucky there was a pub next door.

Great show car line up from US as usual, with both old and new members being on stand, and everyone having the Show Buzz back again. The US Girls appeared in their new 2009 Outfits for the first time and got lots of attention and pictures with the public and the modified media.

All in all, not a great show at all, just lucky for us it was local and cheap to attend, we hope ModdedUK is bigger and better.


The Fast Show 2009

Santa Pod Raceway

Second show of 2009 and what a great show, US as a club have not attended The Fast Show before but had a great day out, and would go again.  Loads of clubs in attendance, some amazing cars, good range of trade stands and all the usual strip and track action you would expect from Santa Pod, always something to watch going on.

Weather was great, nice and sunny nearly all day which always helps a show, well organised and stands were well laid out, even if the US stand was a bit small for the amount of cars booked on it. Again nice to see old and new members on stand with US, and we all had fun. The US Girls yet again did a great job for the club and handed out so many flyers and posed for pictures, great work girls.

The Auto Glym "Boss of Gloss" stand had some gorgeous show cars and exotics on display, an Ultima GTR, Pearl White Lambo, Jon Morley's Polo, and Tony Scullion's 206cc to name but a few. On the 1/4 Mile a few 10 second cars lived up to their titles and the Jet Drag Car did a couple of 6 second runs, just to wake people up who may have been sleeping.

A good day out had by all, ticket price was slightly too high for a one day show in our eyes, but loads to see and do, and was nice to catch up with lots of friends of the club.


ISTS 2009

Donnington Park

The first major show of the year and wow what a weekend.! The show was huge with so many clubs and companies in attendance, public track action as well as the BDC Rounds to watch.  Good selection of trade stands selling a wide range of products and great entertainment as usual.

The AutoGlym Best In Britain once again set the bar for the modified car world with some amazing cars on display, Tony's Fiesta and Iain's 206 to name just a couple, so congratulations to everyone who had a car in the hall and who won an award, all well deserved in our eyes.

US as usual had a great range of cars on display and was nice to see some old and new faces on stand. We were joined by some cars from UK Modded and all had a great weekend, going to show that clubs can work together and have fun.

The US Girls hit hard with the new design US flyers and got hundreds out to the public over the weekend, great work girls, and we also welcomed two new girls to the team who fitted in just great and we look forward to them joining us for more shows over the season.

Great Show, Great Weekend, Great Cars, Great People..!


Modified Nationals 2009

East Of England Showground, Peterborough

Another major weekend show and this show was great, helped along by some seriously nice weather, awesome entertainment and lots of amazing cars.

The usual range of top show cars were on display, and nice to see some fresh new cars on the scene. Trade stands were very nicely done this year, Max Power had a very nice stand, Fusion, House Of Kolor and Vibe also all drew a crowd.

US went with a "Purple Army" themed stand to up the game in terms on club stands, we had colour coded camo netting, ammo boxes, sand bags, and lots of other Army themed items, all branded with the U-S Army logo. All this hard work paid off with U-S picking up out first Major Show Award, Most Original Club Stand 2009, which we are all very chuffed with, and goes to show, smaller, less well funded clubs can still take things to the next level and win awards.

The US Girls once again ruled the show, so many pictures taken of them, hundreds of flyers handed out, and not to forget the Bikini Car Wash on Sunday which drew a massive crowd to the stand. Well done girls.

Best show of the year so far we thinks.


Modified Live 2009

Brands Hatch Circuit, Kent

The Modified Car Scene invades the legendary Brand Hatch Circuit in Kent once again, with Part 2 of 3 in the Modified Live Show trilogy, and did not disappoint and lived up to its "live" name.

Good weather, being quite local and cheap ticket prices made this show a great day out. Well attended by the public and the clubs as usual, will so much track action to watch put this still quite new show up there with the biggest and best.

US once again had over 20 top cars on display and we had a great view of the track which was awesome. EDC, Time Attack and Other Demo's kept the crowds entertained all day. While the very impressive LMC stand opposite pumped out the tunes thanks to DJ Richie Don. The Show 'n' Shine showed the best in the Modified Scene and some well deserved awards were picked up by some top cars.

The US Girls once again got wet and wild with another great bikini car wash which really got the crowd going and helped cool a few people down in the blazing sunshine.

Top show and well organised and well priced, we can't wait for Part 3 at Snetterton later in the year.


Ultimate Street Car 2009

Santa Pod Raceway

Hailed as the maddest show of the year, Unlimited-Styling thought it was about time we checked out USC as a club. We took up a small but very high quality club stand to Santa Pod for the weekend of sun, fast cars, music and mud.!

Show was busy and well attended, most of the crowd just seemed to be there to get very drunk and play in the fields of mud judging by the queue for the showers in the mornings. Some nice cars on display and strip action is always a bonus and the Jet Car was on hand to lay down some 270 MPH runs and blow some ear drums.

US's very own Phil Randall was entertaining the crowds in his RX7 with some amazing skills in the Drift arena with the BDC.

The Show 'n' Shine on Sunday saw the UK finest Modified Metal on display, sadly the judges seems slightly biast towards cars that have been around for years, while more deserving cars were overlooked and ignored.

We found the show good, but feel the 55 Ticket price was not justified, was just as much to see and do at The Fast Show which is a fraction of the price.  All in all a little disappointing from a show with such hype surrounding it.


Trax 2009

Silverstone Circuit

Well the biggest modified car show of the year yet again and for another year running Trax did not let us down. So much to see, thousands of cars to check out, loads of trade stands and of course some amazing track based action, made Trax one of the best shows of the year yet again.

Once again US had a top show stand with a wide selection of cars and styles, from Doug's Euro Punto to a crazy Monster Truck, all tastes were catered for. Great to see old and new faces on stand with US, like one big family.

Track action was provided by the JDM Allstars showing off their skills to keep the massive crowd entertained. On top of that, the usual public track sessions were great to watch between the drifting rounds.

Nice to see ticket prices had not been increased from last year unlike a lot of other shows in 2009, great value for money and a top day out.

Only real let down and downer on the whole day was the traffic queuing to try and get into Silverstone, we were stuck in traffic for nearly 2 hours just 2 miles outside the circuit. Can fully understand why they want to move the British Grand Prix away from Silverstone..!!

Modified Live Part 3 2009

Snetterton Circuit

For the final show in the Modified Live Trilogy of 2009, the show moved to the Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk. Another track based show meant the usual high standard of entertainment both on and off track.

Unlimited-Styling rolled out some new show cars for the last major show of the 2009 season, Paul's 500+ BHP 911 Turbo was a crowd favourite, along side Aaron's classic VW Beetle, and the rest of the other great and varied US show cars.

On track the entertainment was provided by both Time Attack and EDC Cars, Drift Taxi rides were also available from US's very own Phil Randall and the other guys and girls of the BDC, they certainly put smiles on the faces of all their passengers.

Ticket prices stayed very reasonable and value for money and the food stalls were not too over priced for a change.

A very well organised show, well priced, nicely laid out and well attended by the car loving public. Since its launch in 2008 the Modified Live shows have grown and grown, from 1 show in 2008, 3 in 2009 and now 5 are planned for 2010. We can't wait, and will of course be there.

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