2001 Peugeot 106 "Pugly"


Owner & Forum Name - Zoe Aka Zogiebear

Engine - 1.0l 8v Fuel Injection

Power - Unknown

Favourite Modification - Pugly Bike

Brief Car History - "Pugly" was bought in 2005 and was a standard Independence Limited Edition 106 when purchased. This is Zoe's first project car but with subtle modifications and no over the top styling choices "Pugly" has been turned into a real head turner. A smoothed front bumper and 106 GTI body kit has been added along with bigger wheels and sports exhaust. On the ICE front an Alpine Multi Media headunit has been added and bass is provided by a JBL Amp/Sub combo.  This car is still a work in progress and there is lots more planned for "Pugly". The newest and Zoe's favourite modification is the "Pugly Bike", a Mini Moto that has been customised to match the 106 with colour coding on the body work and wheels as well as black meshed vents and Peugeot badges. The "Pugly Bike" got a huge amount of attention at the shows it attended.

Thanks - James @ Unlimited-Styling  for all his hard work, Dazza and Matt for helping out with the car. Trev @ We Paint.

Modifications -

Wheels & Tyres -

15 Wolfrace Street Octane Alloys,  Nankang Low Profile Tyres.

Suspension -

V-Maxx Coilovers Front, V-Maxx Uprated Shocks Rear.

Brakes -

1.4 Brake Set Up, Orange Painted Calipers.

Exterior -

Smoothed GTI Front Bumper, GTI Side Skirts, GTI Rear Bumper, GTI Arches, Smoothed and De-Badged Bonnet, Aftermarket Rear Spoiler, DTM Cup Mirrors, Colour Coded Door Strips, Colour Coded Door Handles, Custom Black Mesh,  Model Badges Removed, Boot De-Badged and De-Wipered, Smoked Rear Lights,  Angel Eye Headlights, Custom Mini Moto styled on the car, Custom "Bear" Valve Caps.

Interior -

Colour Coded Dash and Tom Tom Surround, Roof Liner Died Black, Custom Colour Coded Sun Visors, Grab handles, Interior Mirrors and Interior Light Surround, Colour Coded Lion on Steering Wheel.

Engine - PowerFlow Exhaust with Oval exit, Bosch Super 4 Spark Plugs


Alpine Multi Media DVD Headunit, JBL 2 Way Component Speakers up Front, 2 x 10" JBL Subs, 2 x 600w JBL 4 Channel Amps, Amp Lighting in Orange,  Apple I-Pod.

Future Plans - Car is now for sale, Headunit and I-Pod not included, but Mini Moto and Sat Nav are. Contact james@unlimited-styling.co.uk for more info.

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